Problem Solving

You are at the beach, away from your family, hanging out with your friends. You have access to alcohol and ‘weed’ and are encouraged to partake and feeling pressured to fit in.  You are just a few weeks from graduating and have applied for a great paying ‘high demand” job that offers you a great career after high school. Drug testing is a prerequisite and random drug testing continues after you start the job.  A positive drug test will keep you from getting and keeping the job. Not partying with your friends may result in alienation. What will you do?

1. Identify the problem.

  • In order for you to get great paying “high demanding” job, you cannot partake with your friends activities of smoking weed and drinking weed.

2. Determine all the possible solutions

  1. Stop drinking and smoking
  2. Find new friends
  3. Look for a new job

3. Evaluate the positive and negative consequences of each:


  • You’ll have money
  • Finding better friends
  • You will be sober


  • Lose your job
  • Lose your friends

4. Develop an action plan.

  • Stop hanging out with your friends if they are influencing you to do drugs.

5. What did you learn?

  • You will always have choices when it comes to certain problems but they will always have negative and positive consequences

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