Vince Young Has a Message for the Haters (AUDIO)

Vince Young says he isn’t playing football again to be a backup QB — telling TMZ Sports he’s gunning for the starting job … and vows to turn his haters into VY believers.  The newest member of the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders knows there…



Aldon Smith Denies Wrongdoing … ‘I’m Not a BadAss Criminal, I’m a Good Person’ (VIDEO)

Aldon Smith insists he did nothing wrong — was not detained — and was only inside a San Francisco jail to visit a friend who was locked up inside. As Smith left an S.F. jail following a car crash in which he was allegedly a passenger, he told a…


Verizon’s Fios Mobile app offers data-free streaming for all-in subscribers

The company wants to incentivize new converts by offering free streaming to both Verizon Wireless and Fios customers.

Good news for those of you who’ve gone all in with Big Red. If you’re both a Verizon Wireless and Verizon Fios subscriber, you can now use the Fios Mobile App to watch your shows from home without using your data.

Per the official release:

Fios Internet and TV subscribers can now use the Fios Mobile App to watch thousands of live and recorded shows without using their data when they also have Verizon for their mobile phone service. The Fios Mobile App allows you to stream 140+ live channels outside of your home, watch your recorded DVR shows and movies while on the go, and access thousands of On Demand titles.

The company is offering up to $500 back if you concurrently sign up for both Verizon Fios and Verizon Unlimited. If you’re interested, you can contact Verizon for more details.

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Google will soon break ground on its new Mountain View headquarters

The City of Mountain View has officially given Google the go-ahead to build its new futuristic-inspired campus in the South Bay.

The Silicon Valley is as territorial as any empire and with Apple throwing its own fanfare in honor of itself with the nearly-completed construction of its space-like circular campus, Google is next with its own circus-like structure that’s sure to cause a few passersby to do a double-take.

Google will soon have its own fascinating architecture on display at its Mountain View headquarters. The company has officially received approval from the city of Mountain View to construct the 595,000 square foot building. The structure will be nestled between some of the company’s older buildings on its campus and Google I/O’s latest home, the Shoreline Amphitheater. Ground will be officially broken in April and it’s expected to be completed by 2019.

As Business Insider points out, the plans call for the removal of almost 200 trees from the building site. However, Google will plant new trees in place and incorporate plenty of green space to populate the common areas.

You can peruse through the entirety of the proposal at Mashable.

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Grab two of these USB-C adapters for just $6 right now!

Anker is currently offering a two-pack of its Micro-USB to USB-C adapters for just $6 with coupon code SDUSBC11, a savings of $2. With these adapters, you can turn those old cables you have laying around into something that can charge your new Pixel or other compatible phone. The adapters are quite small so you could easily fit them in your pocket or maybe even your wallet, and always have one with you so you are never without a cable to charge up with.

Odds are this deal won’t hang around too long, so be sure to act quickly if you are interested. Don’t get stuck with only old cables around and a dead battery! Grab these adapters now and thank yourself later. Don’t forget coupon code SDUSBC11 for the savings!

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