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Rapper Cassidy Busted for Suspended License in NYC

Rapper Cassidy did not get an Uber or a taxi, so instead he got arrested at an NYPD checkpoint. Law enforcement sources tell us Cassidy was driving Thursday morning in Chinatown area when he pulled his 2011 GM van up a checkpoint. That’s when…


Gear 360 (2017) preview: Fun all the way around

When thinking of great tech, often what comes to mind is the best quality, the best specs, the best design … but we sometimes forget what really drew us to it in the first place: the fun factor. 360 cameras came onto the scene in a big way in 2016, and while they may not be quite as hot a commodity this year, Samsung’s new Gear 360 stands a good chance of rekindling the public’s love for these special gadgets. And not just because it’s the most adorable little droid this side of BB-8; the Gear 360 2017 unlocks a whole new dimension in spherical storytelling.

I’m Michael Fisher, aka MrMobile, and believe it or not, I’m considering buying a selfie stick just for this camera. Since picking it up at Samsung’s big Galaxy S8 announcement, I’ve been having a blast using the new Gear 360 to shoot … well, everything in sight. But unless you’re like me and you want to see everything past the edge of the lens in every photo or video you shoot, you might want to steer clear. Hit that video up top and see what I mean.

And if you want to know more, check all of Android Central’s coverage on the Samsung Gear 360!

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Alphabet’s Verily built a smartwatch to help track symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

The Study Watch lasts for a week and records your body activity with a multitude of sensors.

The Google Fit app may appear to be the extent of Google’s fitness efforts, but one of the brands under its parent company, Alphabet, has bigger plans. Verily announced that it will launch the Study Watch, a wearable designed to perform “unobtrusive biosensing.” Essentially, it passively collects health data while you’re wearing it.

Verily goes into detail:

The architecture of Study Watch was tailored specifically for high quality signals and seamless usage, with consideration of the needs of observational studies, such as how continuous wear impacts a user’s experience. These design and functionality decisions were reinforced by feedback from users, researchers, and clinicians.

Verily Study Watch is designed with these key features:

  • Multiple physiological and environmental sensors are designed to measure relevant signals for studies spanning cardiovascular, movement disorders, and other areas. Examples include electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, electrodermal activity, and inertial movements. 

  • A long battery life of up to one week in order to drive better user compliance during longitudinal studies. 

  • Large internal storage and data compression allow the device to store weeks’ worth of raw data, thus relaxing the need to frequently sync the device. 

  • A powerful processor supports real time algorithms on the device. 

  • The firmware is designed to be robust for future extensions, such as over-the-air updates, new algorithms, and user interface upgrades. 

  • The display is always on so that time is always shown. The display is low power and high resolution for an appealing look and a robust user interface.

The Study Watch will be used in several observational studies conducted by Verily’s participating partners, including the Personalized Parkinson’s Project. You can read more about the wearable at its official blog.

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