Galaxy S8 review: Flo’s take

Whether you’re a Mac user who can’t leave their Android phone behind or you’re curious to give the Android operating system a try, the Galaxy S8 is too pretty of a package to overlook.

It’s going to take some time before Samsung’s name isn’t immediately associated with fiery batteries. The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco wasn’t just limited to technology-centric circles; once airlines started banning it on flights, the drama reached around the globe — and back again. Late night hosts were still making jokes about it long after the device had been recalled.

But if Samsung is going to come back from its Note fiasco to win back customers who prefer something a little different than what Apple’s iPhone provides, there’s no better entry than the Galaxy S8, the company’s eighth-generation flagship smartphone.

Like the iPhone, Google Pixel, and pretty much every other high-end smartphone out there, the Galaxy S8 comes in two sizes. Whereas Samsung offered a smaller Galaxy S7 and a larger S7 edge variant last year, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ both employ edge screens; the software has also been improved, and there are neat new gimmicks that make the phone a delight to use as a daily driver.

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