Life is a musical and these wallpapers are your song

Music makes us better, brings us together, and it helps me get back that spirit they stole!

It’s no secret that I’ve steeped my life in music. I do not leave the house without my trusty headphones, and I guard my authorizations for Google Play Music viciously because I will not be caught with a full device list. A music widget is always and forever a part of my home screen, but there are times I like to devote my entire screen to music. To that end, here are some positively melodious wallpapers to help fill your home screen and hopefully your life with music.

“Taller than the tallest tree is, that’s how it’s got to feel… Deeper than the deep blue sea is, that’s how deep it goes if it’s real…”

Sinatra is a word that conjures up more than a style, but an era, a way of life. It conjures up cosmopolitan lounge clubs and dry martinis, it conjures up rat pack skinny ties and thin-lapeled suits. It conjures up a simpler time, with simpler goals and simpler songs. And while this wallpaper is adorably retro, for it to have full effect, you simply have to get a Sinatra ringtone to match it!

Sinatra Mic Wallpaper by RurouniVash

When I was in middle school, I played french horn. I loved the sound of the instrument, and I loved when I could pick them out in orchestrations. It’s so easy to french horns to blend into the rest of the brass section; it’s so easy for them to be covered up in the crowd, as it were. But they have such a wonderful sound, and they have an iconic shape that still haunts my dreams every so often. I kept my mouthpieces after I gave back my horn, and every now and then I’d remember the feel of the metal vibrating with each blown note…

French Horn by zanabri

Hatsune Miku is a musician with a following and a body of work most would envy. This twin-tail sporting singer sells out concerts all over the world, sells millions of records, she even has fan conventions devoted to her! Even more amazing is that the voice behind Miku’s digital persona isn’t a person, it’s a program. Hatsune Miku is known and loved far beyond the Vocaloid brand, and while much of her artwork highlights the digital and technological basis of her existence, it’s a wonderful change of pace to see her savoring a more natural scene.

Hatsune Miku by alchemaniac

So many of us spend our whole lives singing into shower heads, hair brushes, and bananas, dreaming we were singing into a microphone for the whole world to hear. I’ve relished my time with the mic at every karaoke night, and seeing a beautiful microphone like this on my home screen re-ignites that hunger in me every time I see it.

Here’s to hoping it also lights that fire in you, too.

Artistic Microphone by ViniciusCarbonera

Piano is an instrument of such range, of such understated elegance and such simple joy. It’s often a musician’s first instrument, and listening to a live pianist can brighten a room or plunge it into seductive, intimate shadows. This wallpaper is a mesmerizing tribute to the way Piano can open up new worlds of music and emotion to us all.

The Blues by Shortgreenpigg

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