Google Assistant may be coming to iOS quite soon

Google Assistant may soon be available on iOS devices.

Google is still working to get its AI Assistant on every Android device you own, but if rumors are true, it will also be an iOS launch soon as a standalone app.

As reported by Android Police, Google may announce a new Google Assistant app for iOS in the next few days. While this is but a rumor at this point, the timing is pretty perfect what with Google I/O kicking off later this week and the early release of the Google Assistant SDK they unveiled in late April.

Technically, Google Assistant is already available for iOS, albeit as the very limited chat-based version baked into Google Allo. You’re able to use Google Assistant within the app to find restaurants and quickly look up answers to questions while you’re chatting with your friends, but let’s be real here — it’s a far cry from the full Google Assistant experience found on Android and stashed in an app that most iOS users don’t use. Then there’s Siri, of course, which is built into iOS the same way Google is including its own Assistant in Android Marshmallow and Nougat.

We’ll have to wait and see if this rumor has legs, but we likely won’t have to wait very long with Google I/O kicking off Wednesday.

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