Blake Griffin Featured on Controversial LA Clippers T-Shirt with MLK, Lincoln, Gandhi and More

The L.A. Clippers apparently didn’t learn from Kendall and Kylie – using historical images on t-shirts is a dicey game to play … and one that often ends in an L. The Clips just convinced Blake Griffin to re-sign with the team for 5 years…



Paramore’s Hayley Williams and New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert Splitting Up

Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert — a rock star couple who have been together nearly 10 years — have broken up … and it was apparently marriage that did them in. Chad — a founding member of New Found Glory — posted the news about splitting…


An Android user’s look back at 10 years of iPhone

I spent years of my life avoiding Apple products, but it’s a wonder if my life would exist as an Android user if the iPhone hadn’t been a success.

Where were you ten years ago when Apple first launched the iPhone?

I was midway through college and barely able to fathom what technology would look like in the year 2017. There was no such thing as a “smartphone” back then; they were all called cell phones or BlackBerrys, and at that time I was sitting pretty with an LG VX9800, which I already figured was pretty smart for the sheer fact that it could browse the mobile web.

I owe my personal technology journey to the iPhone, even though I’ve avoided it for nearly a decade.

I would spend a majority of my shifts at my suburban town’s drive-thru coffee shop posting moody entries on Livejournal and furiously texting friends. (Fun fact: that coffee shop turned into a Bikini Cafe after I moved to the city. I sure as hell dodged that bullet.) My phone was already a major part of my life back then, and I continually strived to have the coolest one with the most “next-gen” features — like a microSD card slot, a headphone jack, or a 2-megapixel rear camera. I would eagerly save up my money each year to upgrade my device on my birthday, and though that meant I couldn’t always afford to drink down the street with my pals, at least I could text them from a full QWERTY keyboard.

Back then, I was also vehemently anti-Apple. I was a PC gamer, and iPods were everywhere. I wanted badly to define myself as an individual within the sea of sameness. Why would I want the same device as everyone else when I could sport a similar alternative?

Three years after the iPhone launched, however, I was out of college and writing for an Apple magazine. I had adopted the MacBook Pro into my daily computer routine, but I knew I also needed a smartphone to be up to par with the rest of the industry’s trends (and to navigate Google Maps). I couldn’t buy an iPhone at the time because it wasn’t on Verizon, so I went for the next best thing: the HTC Incredible. It was on my birthday that year that I became an Android user.

There are plenty of reports out there that point to Andy Rubin’s rag-tag team of developers being the first to market with a mobile operating system. But if it wasn’t for the iPhone preparing society — and preparing me — for the idea of a “smart phone,” I might have been stuck in the past for a little while longer. In essence, I owe my personal technology journey to the iPhone, even though I’ve been actively avoiding it for nearly a decade.

(Disclosure: There were eight months of the year 2012 that I held an iPhone 4S. I’ve managed to put it in the past.)

What were your first thoughts on the original iPhone?

Where were you when Apple made its initial announcement? Did you even think we’d be where we are today, with smartphones paving the way to replace desktop computers and standalone virtual reality headsets? Leave us a comment, or join our friends at iMore for a look back at the iPhone.

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Everything MLB Fans can do In VR

Want the ballpark experience without the pesky “going outside” part?

As new technologies have evolved, major league sports has been one of the quickest industries to try new things, and fans have been quick to jump on board. Let’s face it, spending a fortune for a ticket then spending more for food and beverages just to sit in the nosebleed seats and have beer spilled on you is far from glamourous.

VR represents a unique opportunity to get a view of the game that has never before been seen, and Major League Baseball has been quick to find ways to use it to give fans an all new experience. Take a look at the all the ways you can “get in the game!”

Read more at VRHeads

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Celebrate your independence in this week’s comments thread!

What are you up to this long weekend?

Yes, Fourth is on a Tuesday this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start celebrating a bit early. This weekend, at least for me, is all about relaxin’ all cool as I take in the (hopefully) sunny weather on Canada’s 150th birthday.

For you, depending on where you are, you could take a dip in the pool, go camping, catch a large fish, or just sit inside and listen to old episodes of the Android Central Podcast. Any of those choices is 👌 in my book! (What are you reading these days, anyway?)

It’s been fairly slow this week, as it usually is around this time of year, but we did get something interesting in the form of the Amazon Echo Show, which I can’t wait to try despite early tepid reviews, as well as the Honor 9, which appears to be a fantastic sequel to a phone I really loved. Too bad it’s not coming to the U.S. anytime soon.

So what are you up to this weekend? I know what Jerry’s up to: not being here. He’ll be back next week.

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