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Caitlyn Jenner Defends Kendall’s Pepsi Controversy, She’s Just a Model (AUDIO)

Caitlyn Jenner says her daughter got a raw deal after the debacle of that Pepsi protest commercial, because after all … Kendall Jenner’s just a model who showed up for a job. The Pepsi ad came up during Caitlyn’s interview Wednesday on Andy…


Google Trips gets new ways to make your next vacation better

New features let you find and share everything easier to make a vacation stress-free like it should be.

Planning your vacation can be a lot of work. And when you’re done figuring it all out you need to get it organized and put somewhere that you can use it. Google Trips can help and some new features make it even easier.

Keeping track of your reservations is now easier because everything is in one place in one app. The new Google Trips keeps it all on one tab and lets you share any of it with the tap of a button. The person you’re sharing with will get an email with all the details, and see them in the Google Trips app as well.

The best travel apps for Android

The next new feature lets you instantly update details for flights, car rentals, and hotel or restaurant reservations even if you haven’t received any confirmation. Press the plus button while you’re in the reservation section and enter all the details.You can even add notes that don’t fit into a specific category.

Crowdsourcing is a great way to discover new things and you can now download destinations that have trended towards the top.

Finally, train and bus reservations are organized right along with flight and hotel reservations.

Having an app that keeps all your travel plans in one place makes things easier for everyone traveling. Being able to download it all so you can see it when you don’t have a connection makes it even better. With these new features, Google Trips is the app you need to use for your next vacation.

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Every PlayStation VR game with HOTAS support

If you’re going to fly in VR, you might as well go all in and pick up a HOTAS.

In much the same way that racing wheels with pedals make driving games in VR feel a lot more realistic, flight games in VR are improved dramatically when you add a Hands On Throttle And Stick (or HOTAS) controller. These controllers allow you to really punch the throttle forward when you want to accelerate, or quickly flip your ship around when fighting in space. You can do these things with a normal controller, but if a game supports HOTAS controllers the difference in how that experience feels in VR is quickly evident.

You can get a HOTAS controller for the PlayStation 4 for fairly cheap, but not every game supports this hardware. Here’s a quick list of the PlayStation VR games offering HOTAS support now, planning to offer support later, or launching later this year with support planned out of the box.

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